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Remembering The Realm


Gone But Not Forgotten Websites

Most of our favorite Realm websites have long since disappeared from the web but will remain forever in our memories. Thanks to the efforts of the good folks at the Internet Archive many of these sites can still be viewed and appreciated. These links will surely stir up some old memories of The Realm.

All of the links below were working when I visited and will open new windows. Although many of these sites continued on for sometime after The Realm was sold by Sierra, In most cases I've linked to the best archives available back when The Realm was still a Sierra game. Enjoy them while you still can, the Wayback Machine can be a bit finicky at times and there's no guarantee that they will remain in the archive forever.

But be warned: Although the sites themselves have been archived that's not always the case with the graphics. And many of these old sites contain code and applets that will now crash your browser or cause it to hang. The best archived sites that I have found so far are listed below.




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