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Remembering The Realm

The Realm is a wonderful place, an ever-evolving online world of monsters, magic, and medieval society where people of all backgrounds and ages from around the globe chat and adventure together.

Created in 1995 by Stephen Nichols, The Realm went through eleven months of intense beta testing before being released in January of 1997. In August 1997 a new round of Beta testing started for Realm 3.0, which was released in November 1997. With hundreds of people playing at any one time, The Realm frequently has visitors from countries around the globe including Russia, Luxembourg, Thailand, Britain, Canada, Germany, and your hometown.

~ Realmserver.com Dec 12, 1998

12/31/96 - Realm open beta officially ends, beginning of version 2.0
11/19/97 - Realm 3.0 officially opens
11/2/99 - Realm is transferred to Codemasters
7/18/03 - Realm is transferred to Norseman Games




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