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Remembering The Realm


The Realm, now known as The Realm Online was one of the web's first MMORPGs. It cannot compare with todays Online games but back in the day it was all the rage. Most early Realmers have long since moved on to other games such as Everquest, Asheron's Call, World of Warcraft etc. and the ownership has changed hands a few times over the years but you can still play this game today The Realm Online.

Over the years I've played many online games but when it comes to the players none even comes remotely close to the people that played The Realm. The friendships we made there were real and lasting. The camaraderie were sincere. And although we were all located in different parts of the world a true sense of kinship was experienced by all.

And although, for the most part, we have all since moved on long ago there comes a time when every Realmer reminisces about their days on The Realm and wonders what has become of their old Realm friends and where they are today. That is the reason for this website. It's a place to share our memories of The Realm, resurrect a few of our old Realm fan pages and hopefully make contact with some of our old Realm friends again.

There are some of our old Realm fan websites here, brought back from the dead. Some of the links on the resurrected web pages have been disabled as they no longer will work. But you get an idea of how they originally looked. We've gone to great effort to recreate these and to attempt to keep them looking as they did then.

If you have old screenshots, remembrances, or anecdotes from the early Realm and would like to share them here feel free to send them along.


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